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Cinematic Vision Rising

The Zenmuse X7 is a compact Super 35 camera with an integrated gimbal made for hight-end filmmaking that delivers stunning resoultion and image quality.

Its Compatibility with the Insipre 2 offers the next-level professional aerial cinematography.

A 24 MP CMOS sensor rated at 14 stops of dynamic range preserves astonishing detail and offers both 6K cinemaDNG and 5.2K Apple ProRes with support for continuous RAW burst shooting at 20 fps and 24MP stills.

Engineered for Excellence 

The X7 uses a Super 35 Sensor and its high readout speed supports RAW output at 6k/30 fps and 3.9/59.94 fps.

A sensor this size offers a higher sensitivity to light and 14 stops of dynamic range - much wider than the 12.8 stops featured on the Zenmuse X5S.

DJI DL - Mount System

Taking advantages of new FSI-Cu technology, the X7's Sensor features thinner interconnection, allowing light to reach the sensing area via a larger incident angle for increased photo sensitivity.

DL lenses

DJI offers four prime lenses for the DL-Mount system, with focal lenghts ranging from 1650 mm and resolutions of up to 8k. made of light carbon fiber amd designed by world-leading optics teams, the four lenses have been embedded with advanced technologies crafted specifically for the X7's high-end image sensor.

Game Changer from Shoot to finish

The unlock the wide-ranging possibilities of DJI prodessional imaging systems and open more room for post-processing aerial photography in filmmaking, DJI is proud to introduce the brand new DJI cinema color System.

We are now working with multiple professional post-processing software companies to include D-Log and D-Gamut in their software to achieve universal compatibility with mainstream cinemativ workflows as soon as possible.


DJI Zenmuse X7 (Lens Excluded)


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