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LiDAR  provides more accurate Digital Terrain Models, especially for areas that contain dense vegetation.


We have a certified Structural engineer to carry out aerial inspections of buildings or assets swiftly, cost effectively and most of all, risk free of injury.


Provide a competitive edge by presenting progress photographs and video to your clients.

Construction Progress

Get aerial shots of your special events for sports, weddings and concerts

Real Estate

Create an edge over your competitors by providing an aerial perspective of your properties. 



Licensed Drone Services

CASA licensed and certified drone (RPA) operators, providing professional aerial photography, inspection and video services Australia wide.

Sydney Aerial imagery specialises in Aerial Photograpy, vidography, inspection and mapping services

We take the safety of our clients and subjects very seriously and follow strict flight guidelines as certified by CASA. ReOC.6411

 Sydney Aerial Imagery is fully covered for $20M Public Indemnity Insurance.

We can fly anywhere in Australia.

We can fly from ground level to 120 meters high and higher with special permissions from the aviation authorities.

Our Drones  for hire replaces the setup time and costs and physical limitations of Real Helicopters, booms and cranes plus we can get amazing perspectives that have never been attainable before.

Our technologies also allow us a super quick set-up that takes just minutes to get into the air, and seconds between battery changes.

Our aerial  systems are particularly suited to hard to get shots,chase scenes, fly arounds, panoramics and more.

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